FFP3 Face Masks – Honeywell SuperOne 3207 (900 Masks)


FFP3 Non Reusable Moulded EN particulate respirator mask with a pre-shaped nose area and twin-stapled elastics. A “one size fits all” design. Boxes of 30 masks.

Minimum order – 3 x cartons of 10 boxes =  900 masks in total

Recommended Medical PPE for primary / outpatient / community and social care settings.

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Honeywell SuperOne 3207 series filtering FFP3 mask minimises breathing resistance and maximises the dust carrying capacity, protection from fine dust, fumes and fibres and aqueous mists.

Exclusive design and shape: semi-rigid mask, designed to stay maintained in time. Upper part pre-formed (no nose-bridge)for a quick and easy adjustment, highly efficient and secure Great inner volume to avoid any oppression on face and to ease communications Ultra-soft inner veil to offer a soft and pleasant contact to the skin and improve the breathing comfort Twin supple and resistant elastics, stapled on ear tabs to avoid any risk of irritation and of leakage in the filtering area Ultra-light(9g) to minimize wearer fatigue and increase acceptance in time No latex, no silicone, no PVC

– Designed to fit everyone – Easy to use, comfortable and secure – Time saved due to minimum adjustment required – Breathing comfort is optimised – Compatibility with spectacles – Excellent field of vision – Prevents irritations – No risk of allergies to latex – No restrictive use – Environment-friendly


  • Agriculture
  • Automotive and Part Manufacturer
  • Building and Construction
  • Food Industries
  • Foundry
  • General Industry
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Laboratory
  • Maintenance
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Metal steel
  • Minning and Quarrying
  • Water treatment
  • Wood Industries

Limitation to use:

This single-use filtering half-mask should NOT be used in the following situations :

– oxygen concentration is less than 17% (oxygen-deficient atmospheres)

– contaminants or their concentrations are unknown or are immediately dangerous to life or health

– contaminants concentrations exceed levels fixed by applicable health and safety standards or 12 ( 10 in UK, FIN, D, I, S) x WEL*

– in the presence of toxic or radio-active contaminants

– in the presence of gases or vapours

– fire fighting.


We recommend users to ensure that the level of protection offered by the respirator is sufficient for the type and concentration of contaminant(s) in the work area.

For use only by trained and qualified personnel.

Leak-tightness is unlikely to be achieved if the mask is worn against a beard or facial stubble.

This respirator does not supply oxygen.


* WEL : Workplace Exposure Limit.


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